Tori (bedsheeteyes) wrote in playwithmatch,

Straw the Paris Hilton

Because you really won't get most of the joke otherwise, here is Straws little speech: "So there is this guy I like totally different from the guy I was telling Butterknife about in a previous comic and he's really awesome and all but the problem is his name is Straw, like mine. And so this adds to the confusion. But I figure if Paris Hilton can do it, why not me? I mean, what does she have that I don't? Except for being the heiress to billions and a sex tape viewed by pretty much everyone worldwide. So I suppose it is a little different but still not so much that I couldn't pull it off too, you know? And I wouldn't even have all those people making fun of me on VH1."

And looking at the number of people who watch this comic I would like to throw a billion dollars at each of you. However, I don't have 13 billion dollars so I'll just send my love. But lots of it. And especially for not abandoning me while I was being a terrible person and breaking every promise I made about updating.

You can now have your very own dancing Straw:
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