Tori (bedsheeteyes) wrote in playwithmatch,

The Fire Raging In My Soul

Just a couple of things:
1) Sorry about not getting this out until after 11 pm. It's been a rather odd day and when I finally remembered to post this, I didn't have a computer handy. That's a first.
2) There have been reports, of which I was an actual witness, that some people couldn't see the comics before 3. Well, I moved them all to my domain from LiveJournal's picture hosting. If there are anymore problems, please let me know.
3) Yes, this is the beginning of an actual plot line. Hard to imagine, isn't it? I figure real comics have plots so I should too. Sad that I'm lumping myself in with "real comics." I could through a party with Garry Trudeau for cartoonists who can't draw (don't get me wrong, I love Doonesbury).

Oh and Match didn't grow hair. That's fire. Just thought I should let you know.
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